ruckusmakers challenge.

Starting on March 12th, I’ll be publishing one post a day for the next 8 days on what I learned, witnessed, felt, thought and overall experienced at the Ruckusmakers Seminar I attended this past weekend, led by Seth Godin. This is a challenge that a fellow Ruckusmaker brought on to each of the attendees, and I gladly & nervously accepted.

As I’ve been digesting everything that transpired in the course of those 3 days, reading over the pages of notes I wrote, and hearing what the others experienced, I’m still in awe that I was a part of this event.

I’m incredibly humbled and grateful to be connected with a group of brilliant humans that inspire me to dig deep and take action.

This challenge will be exciting and emotional for me, and my hopes are to share and teach you what I’ve learned to propel you to create the change you wish to seek in this world.