how I got here - ruckusmakers challenge day 1.

Everything comes full circle when you pay attention to the signs. Three years ago, I was introduced to Seth by way of a stranger who I met at the absolute perfect time. I was on the verge of quitting my full-time job at the HEAT, and shared with her my story and fears of what would happen if I left. Long story short, fear is the exact topic that her business stemmed from and as I dug deep into her site and stalked her Facebook [smile], I stumbled across Seth’s work.

Fast forward to 2015. Laying in bed scrolling through my twitter feed on my phone, I read a post that said apply to Seth’s Ruckusmakers seminar. Not even thinking twice about it, I clicked the link, answered the questions in the application and hit send. Seth doesn’t facilitate these types of workshops often, and I knew hundreds of people would apply so after I submitted my application, I didn’t even think that I’d be accepted. Why would I be picked?

The next day I received an email saying that I was accepted and had less than 24 hours to purchase a spot for this. Wait – what!? The same weekend that the workshop was going to be held, I was planning a girl’s trip to Jamaica. At one point I didn’t want to let my friends down, on the other, I knew I couldn’t turn this offer down. Jamaica will always be there. This seminar? Once in a lifetime. Thankfully my friends knew this was a no-brainer and supported my decision 100%.

The feeling of excitement mixed with nervousness still fills me to this day. The ticket wasn’t inexpensive but I knew this experience would be invaluable. Every decision that I’ve made where I’ve had the feelings of this isn’t going to work, the butterflies that seem to fly in every direction in my stomach, the holy-crap-what-am-I-doing has helped me transform and grow. Every. Single. Time.

The first evening when I walked into the venue, I knew I made the right decision. The room was filled with people who think like me, who shared similar fears and who were curious and decided to take a leap.  People like me, do things like this.

Over the course of the next week, I’ll be submitting pieces on how this seminar transformed the way I see the world, how sharing my story will create the change I want to make and how everything is connected.

One thing that I will share now and what I learned from Seth is that you should always, always, pick yourself. Good shit happens when you do.