paint your picture.

Today was the first time I looked back and started reading pages in one of my journals.  Entries date back to April 2010 up to the present time, with about 30 pages remaining. The themes of these entries are all similar:

- Create my own path - Be honest with myself and with others - Never stop writing - Never stop listening - Always strive to be challenged

Documenting my thoughts and reading my own words connects the dots to where I am now.  I didn’t always know why I was writing, but I knew that I just needed to write, to develop what I represent.

Staring at a blank page or document is always intimidating at first.  It’s when I fill these platforms with my own words that I am the most proud of myself.  These are permanent reminders that I’m the artist that is recording vivid images of the moments that make up my life.

As 2013 kicks off, I get this same intimidating, yet exciting feeling.  It’s a fresh slate to utilize the groundwork that I laid in the past to help continue to create my best work...the work that represents me.