slow down.

Three very specific things happened to me today that I failed in, miserably.  Two of which involved cooking and the third involved CrossFit. In a nutshell I: 1. Overcooked steak

overcooked steak

2. Pulled too soon (numerous times) in an Olympic Lift which resulted in multiple failed attempts

failed snatch attempt

3. Forgot to add flour to a batch of cookies

Flourless Blueberry Cookies

Not end-of-the-world mistakes, but big enough that I noticed to the point that I felt the need to write about.

Sometimes it’s hard to digest a setback.  Sometimes it’s not as simple or easy to figure out.  But, the commonality of every failure is learning from it in hopes to not make the same mistake again.

A lot of mistakes, specifically what happened today, could have been avoided if I just paid attention and slowed down my actions.

Lesson learned.