I’m grateful for my clients who fought through the exercises I gave them, with minor complaints [smile], and thanked me after they were finished. My presence encourages them to keep going. I’m grateful for the guy who offered me a seat in a packed cafeteria style seating at a Whole Foods in the East Village. 15 minutes, nothing was said as we ate lunch.  As soon as he finished he looked directly in my eyes and said, “Have a great rest of the day” and walked off.

I’m grateful for the mist of rain that was perfectly timed as I walked home from completing a grueling workout at CrossFit. It was the perfect temperature to cool myself down, so I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, closed my eyes, tilted my head back and let the rain just wash over me.

You’re intentions should be to chip away at discomfort, show up, make someone smile, be okay with getting a little wet…

and to always take note of what you’re grateful for.

Current status: present and happy.