clarity through action.

A status update by a friend on Facebook sparked this idea:  write a 300 word post every day for the next 62 days and publish. Why 62? Because I want to hold myself accountable every day leading up to my 29th birthday. Today is the start of another transition phase of my life where I need and want to recharge and refocus.  I want to reflect on what I’ve learned the past six months living and working in New York City, as well as focus on what I want to accomplish moving forward.

The push and pull of trying to maintain a balance between diving into what I enjoy doing (working out) while coaching a mix of clients left me exhausted and confused.  It felt as if I were trying to navigate through a thick forest without any light or tools to guide me.  I got lost, tried to retrace my steps, and felt overwhelmed by the density of my surroundings.  So, I decided to remove what I felt was draining me: the constant buzz of the concrete jungle.

In order for me to show up in the world and be of use to others, I need to be healthy.  This involves being able to maintain a clear sense of what I want to accomplish for myself and how I can help others with my knowledge and skills relating to fitness. Clarity through action - meaning focusing on writing about topics that interest me, working out, training women entrepreneurs like myself, eating clean (little-to-no processed foods), and/or eliminating things that don’t feed my soul in a positive way.

What I want to be able to achieve from this experiment is a sense of fulfillment.  I have no clue what will happen after these 62 days. It’ll be tough, but I’m up for the challenge.