dedication and focus.

Hearing “3…2…1…GO!” instantly gave me an adrenaline rush.  For the next 17 minutes I was in the zone and completely focused on just me. Focused on my breathing, my technique, my form and chipping away at each rep.  In that moment, I was reminded that I am only competing against myself.   Yes, I was being judged, yes I’d be compared to other athletes, but none of that mattered.  What mattered is that I had one task at hand that only I had control over, and it was to do the best that I could do within a set time frame.  Not for one second was I thinking about work, what I had to do the next day, how I was getting home (route from Queens to Brooklyn…looks WAY better on a map).  It was just me and the bar. As I lie in complete exhaustion once the 17 minutes were up, I felt an incredible sense of relief and clarity.  Completing more reps than I originally thought I could do gave me power.  Power to accomplish anything that was (and will be) thrown at me.

It took an arduous workout to remind myself that I am capable of doing my best work and putting my best effort when I truly focus and work on one specific task.  I have the tendency to try and accomplish a million different things at the same time, and get frustrated when I see that nothing really has been completed.  Maybe before each set of things that I have to do, I should countdown “3…2…1…Go!”  to focus and get that shit done so I can move on to the next one…

Fun fact: I timed myself to write this post in under 30 minutes.  Accomplished. Boom.