on confidence.

"Don't question your intention or your ability to do something, just do it." - Donnalynn Civello

Over the past few weeks I've been told I'm bossy, an over-analyzer, "you know too much", and lacking confidence, by more than one person.  The first three descriptions are almost perfect and needed as it relates to my profession, but the fourth is pretty detrimental to my well-being.

Neither of these I took offense to, but damn did it open up my eyes.  I've never been told so bluntly and directly what I sound like or how I come across to others, and I appreciate the New Yorkers people who brought this up to me.

Side note: this makes me wonder if every person I've encountered in the past has been sugar-coating everything I've done / said. [smile]

My weakness, or rather, my biggest opportunity is building and having the confidence to ask for what I want.  I spend too much time thinking about every possible scenario, to the point that it clouds my thoughts and turns every scenario into the worst case.  This happens in all aspects of my life, and it's from consistently doing this over and over without even realizing how damaging this is.  Such a bad habit.

Breaking out of it is simple: just ask.