float on.

 Bad news comes, don’t you worry even when it lands / Good news will work its way to all them plans In less than one month, I’ve stayed in three – very – different areas of the city.  Owning two suitcases worth of things and being able to pack everything in less than 20 minutes is the key to doing this in a “don’t drive yourself crazy” type of way.  The actual move from place to place isn’t stressful at all.  If anything, it’s exciting.  I’ve learned so much in this short time frame just by allowing myself to explore different areas and being open to crashing at my friend’s places without feeling guilty.  Each place I've stayed in, I felt that it was meant to be - even up to the exact day that I "moved in."

The two craziest and most overwhelming weeks of my life, I spent in Chelsea.  I learned to find peace in the midst of chaos by meditating; I learned about the value of communication and made a final decision that I could never live in the city [smile].  Finding the balance of staying calm when everything appeared to be falling apart was my biggest challenge – and –opportunity to test (and build) my inner strength.

The night before Valentine’s Day I moved to Bed-Stuy/Clinton Hill.  Walking off the train the next day, I literally felt so much love around me.  People are more welcoming, humble and not so much destination walkers like I had seen in Chelsea.  I learned to truly connect with the people I encountered - to be completely vulnerable and allow the conversations I had to resonate.  I allowed love and inspiration to fill me completely to the point that it exuded out of me and onto others.

In Prospect Park I’m learning to appreciate everything for what it is and to understand that everything that surrounds me (people, nature, obstacles) is meant to help and sustain me…. more on this neighborhood later ;)

Live simply. Be humble. Be honest. Ask. Hustle.

One month living in New York and these are the most relevant things that I’ve been practicing that have allowed me to see things in a different light, which have cleared my path to allow opportunities to come my way.

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