what's next?

A week ago I sat down with a group of women whom I had just met that day, sharing what my 5 year career goal is. A week ago, I set my intention to work on one thing that I can do this week to help me towards that goal. A week ago, I said out loud to these women, I will write one post within the week that will help me towards my goal. Alas, here we are, one week later. The point of this is not to tell you what my goal is. Although actually writing it out and sharing with the world will most likely cause me to act on it verses dwell, but whatever, not at this time at least.

The point of this post is to do. Do what you say you’re going to do especially if that means it’s one step closer to your vision.

So, what’s next for me? Creating something that doesn’t exist.  Vague, I know :)

Stay tuned.