Bare Hills


Whenever I work out in the morning, I set my intention that whatever I end up doing, whether it be a CrossFit workout, a 2 mile interval run, a spin or yoga class; that this will be the most challenging part of my day. Once I finish the workout, I know (or keep reminding myself) that the rest of my day will be easier than my workout, and that I can face and do anything because I’ve endured the hardest part of my day.

This morning I took a 75-minute spin class.  I knew it was 75 minutes only after the instructor mentioned we had another 40 minutes to go as I looked at the clock and almost passed out. I didn’t, but in that moment I had two choices: to quit or to stay with it.

“This is hard for everyone. Get over it and keep going. If you want this to be easy, raise your hand.”

No one raised their hand. Not even a flinch. #cojones

Challenge accepted.

The irony of this is that I found comfort in the challenge. That everyone is going at a level that is the most difficult for them.

Push through whatever it is you’re facing. We all go through hard times, and you're not alone.

It'll be worth it - and - you'll have a story to tell because you survived.

what's next?

A week ago I sat down with a group of women whom I had just met that day, sharing what my 5 year career goal is. A week ago, I set my intention to work on one thing that I can do this week to help me towards that goal. A week ago, I said out loud to these women, I will write one post within the week that will help me towards my goal. Alas, here we are, one week later. The point of this is not to tell you what my goal is. Although actually writing it out and sharing with the world will most likely cause me to act on it verses dwell, but whatever, not at this time at least.

The point of this post is to do. Do what you say you’re going to do especially if that means it’s one step closer to your vision.

So, what’s next for me? Creating something that doesn’t exist.  Vague, I know :)

Stay tuned.