what I've been up to.

Since April 2016, I've been working with my friend Willie Jackson on several projects that involve creating content for underrepresented audiences at Abernathy, the magazine for black men. What's exciting about this opportunity is the freedom to create and invent a series of stories and events that are catered to people like me - those who like in-depth conversations with people who are making a dent in the world. People like Nkrumah, Todd and umi selah.  I also have the honor of getting first glances at heartwarming pieces (written by women!) who are brave enough to share their personal journeys in identity, motherhood and depression.

For those unfamiliar with what I've done over the years, I've worked in fitness and sports since I entered college. Pivoting from solely focusing on what has been familiar to me for so many years, finding the thread that ties my story together to where I am now involved doing some deep internal work.

I've managed to work in extremely exciting environments, and most of the positions I've held involved wearing several hats. What I've learned is that I'm skilled in a variety of tasks ranging from event coordinating to personal training and leadership to life coaching, and I'm often called on to help navigate next steps in someone's life.

I celebrate the accomplishments of my friends like Lindsay who published her first book, and Erica who started her own bakery, and am moved by people who decide to follow their truths based on something I've done or written.

This time around I'm the Marketing Strategist, of a media company! Although this is my first project working with a non-fitness company,  I'm able to apply what I've learned over the years to help create buzz, excitement and space for people who just want to be heard.

Since starting at Abernathy, I've curated the Health and Fitness series which amplifies important stories related to fitness movement in Black communities. I've interviewed people like Keith and Jean and am thrilled to share more stories to come.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the publishing industry, the challenges that will arise, and the new connections that I'll make.

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