I wasn’t expecting anything out of what I wrote yesterday, but there were quite a few people reading. The best way for me to express what I’m thinking is through writing, and somehow this has united hundreds of people together, some of whom I will probably never meet, who have shared their thoughts and support.

“L’union fait la force” is a phrase that is inscribed on the Haitian flag.  It means, “Strength in Unity” or “Unity makes Strength” depending on who you ask, (or which translation service you use). This comes to mind after seeing the number of visits this post has drawn out.

It brought me to the thought of family, and what it means to me.  Yes, there’s the obvious blood relation that automatically makes you family, but there’s also the deep connection and bond each person is capable of creating within a group – that feels like family.

Although the outcome isn’t something any of us wanted, and it’s difficult to understand why it happened, what builds us back up is unity amongst a family.  Although not blood related, there’s still such a strong foundation and support built around a team of people you’ve shared highs and lows with.  And no matter what, they will be there to support you.

For me, family is a combination of choice and serendipity.  Gravitating to those who are like you, who share your common values is somewhat of a choice.  But the reason why we all somehow manage to meet and work with incredible people is serendipitous. Somehow the universe just knows who you should meet at a certain time in your life and there’s a reason behind it.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” - Rumi