a dedication to Jess.

Life is funny sometimes. After spending a few days this past weekend celebrating love, friendship and unity amongst friends and family and coming off an incredible high from it, I was told today that my dear friend and former colleague, Jessica LaBonte has passed.

She had suffered a battle with cancer and I had heard some news just 11 days ago that things were not looking too good.  At that point I was reminded of a few things, but what stands out the most is life isn’t short.  It’s full, and long and bountiful.  Life is meant to be lived to the fullest; everything that is meant to be will be.

Her love and passion for life (and her teams!) was full and she absolutely loved the Miami HEAT.

She always put others ahead of herself.  From taking me to and from Ft. Lauderdale Airport (a 30+ mile drive each way from both of our apartments) to doing everything she could to provide and help her clients at each HEAT game and event - her love for others was contagious.  She dedicated her life to help and service as many people as she could.

My favorite memory of her was when she sent me a text on ring day last year saying that Dwyane Wade had personally handed her her 2012 NBA Championship Ring.  "Shaking and almost in tears" was her reply after I told her "the world needs to see how amazing you are" (by posting the pics online :)). Today, a few members of the team and HEAT Family have posted pictures and updates in memory of her.

The world now knows, Jess.

I will miss her laugh, her smile, her incredible and hilarious stories, and our conversations during those car rides.

I dedicate this post and my passion for life to you, Jess.  May you no longer suffer, continue to shine wherever you are and watch over all of us.