sing from your heart.

Lately I've been voicing my ideas on a project I'm launching to a select few people I admire. Unsurprisingly, the universe has manifested my visions into a reality. When your vision is so clear, so pristine, so vast that your soul is begging for you to put it out in the world, the universe makes it's way into your life by showing you who can help, and propel you to take action to make it concrete.

Writing in one of my favorite places to eat in Baltimore, Sia's "Chandelier" played when I walked inside.  Aside from the fact that this song is an absolute banger, I took this as a sign to revisit her albums.

For those unfamiliar with Sia or her music, she has managed to survive depression and anxiety by being completely vulnerable through her music, and winning awards along the way.

Her music is a reminder to always sing from your heart, speak your truth and if you don't, your thoughts will eat you alive.


anger matters.

There are times I want to scream and shout out loud "WHAT THE [redacted] IS HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD?!"   whenever I step outside, but I’m humbly reminded by folks like my parents, that this has been going on for a long long time.  I get angry and amazed because it seems that they’re not even phased by this, but I understand they’re tired too. They’ve they’ve marched, they’ve spoken up, they’ve protested; and it’s the same story, the same fight. The difference now is that because of what they went through, they’re sharing are their experiences of the injustice, the battles they’ve fought, the tears and blood they shed to protect what’s theirs. These stories in itself are worth our efforts to speak up about what’s currently happening in this present moment.

Those who seem to never be heard, the stories that seem to always be in drafts and never sent, are finally having their voices amplified. #blacktwitter, Abernathy, Blavity – are all sounding boards and projects built from people like me who are frustrated. This is our therapy, a space where we can actually voice our opinions, and we’re finally getting noticed.

So, what’s next?

Use this anger, rage, aggression – this negative energy – to create and do something meaningful. Manifest your thoughts into something that can uplift, inspire and ultimately change the environment you want to live in. Anger turns into pride, which turns to courage, then willingness, acceptance and ultimately peace, when used constructively.

It’s not going to happen immediately, but continue to speak up. Your voice & creations will plant the seeds for our future, with the hopes of saving our lives that matter.