Music to Inspire...

Anders Koppel doesn't have an extensive Wikipedia page, nor does he have a bio on Spotify, yet somehow the engineers at Spotify managed to incorporate one of his songs in my Discover Weekly playlist. Everything Is Subject to Change is the title of the song that I was fortunate to hear for the first time in 2015, and my writing game hasn't been the same since. Music has a beautiful way of placing you in a certain time period and it also has the power to inspire creativity - in this particular case - writing.

In general, on this blog, I tend to write about how daily occurrences, activities, feelings, and moods can lead to certain 'a-ha' moments or discoveries from within. Music has been the catalyst to help bring those observations to a documented platform.

sing from your heart.

Lately I've been voicing my ideas on a project I'm launching to a select few people I admire. Unsurprisingly, the universe has manifested my visions into a reality. When your vision is so clear, so pristine, so vast that your soul is begging for you to put it out in the world, the universe makes it's way into your life by showing you who can help, and propel you to take action to make it concrete.

Writing in one of my favorite places to eat in Baltimore, Sia's "Chandelier" played when I walked inside.  Aside from the fact that this song is an absolute banger, I took this as a sign to revisit her albums.

For those unfamiliar with Sia or her music, she has managed to survive depression and anxiety by being completely vulnerable through her music, and winning awards along the way.

Her music is a reminder to always sing from your heart, speak your truth and if you don't, your thoughts will eat you alive.