on adherence - #ruckusmakerschallenge day 8

Declaring to others what you say you’ll do speaks volumes. Today is the final day of the challenge, and it although it went by quickly, it wasn't easy.  Writing consistently and publishing is more uncomfortable than not.  There were moments when I tried to justify why I shouldn't share certain things, but I knew that in those moments were the exact reason why I should continue to write.  What I've realized is that eight days isn't enough to describe the feeling that happens when you sense your mind shifting focus. Like most things, I started off with a plan. I brainstormed and outlined what transpired during ruckus, and now nearly 10 days later, I find myself unraveling what I’ve learned and immediately putting it into action even after we all departed ways.  Sticking to the vision, what I know to be true and share with the world was the key to this challenge.

There’s a feeling of accomplishment that runs through me, but at the same time I know this is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation and project.

Thank you to Luis for the spark, and to all the other Ruckusmakers who joined to shared their stories.

This was fun :)