I see you - #ruckusmakerschallenge day 7

This past Tuesday I spent an hour creating a vision board alongside four other middle school-aged girls. As part of our showroom’s spring break initiatives, Tuesday’s workshop was to create your 10 year vision board. The other girls who attended actually ended up inspiring me! “Live your dream, inspire, lead, dream big” were a few words listed on each of their boards, including mine. Nailing the fact that inspiration can come from anywhere. At the workshop, each of us received name badges with a quote underneath. “I push you to be better” was listed under my name and it couldn’t be anymore accurate. At the time, I didn’t quite get what it meant, but when others saw it and read it out loud, I pieced together a bit of my bio that was shared prior to all of us physically meeting & the general consensus was that I was a trainer or coach that was somehow tied into fitness. How the world sees me. Interesting. There are so many other things that I do, but this is the message that I’m sharing with the world and I'm owning it.

This quote could’ve been under anyone else’s name as the depths of each conversation I’ve had over the course of those three days, and the ones that continue through our private Facebook group, all inspire each other to keep on pushing.

Today is day 7 of this challenge and over the course of this week I’ve been blessed to read the experiences of others.  I feel like I’ve entered an underground world of amazing humans who were DYING to share their ideas that they didn’t even know they had.  The best part of my day and where I get my daily dose of inspiration is in this private group. A platform that’s safe for us to create space for our thoughts, to those who understand us, who push us. Although not everyone is truly interacting in the sense of likes and comments, we see each other. “I see You.” Is something Seth phrased so subtly, yet powerfully.

Seth's simplicity in his message propels us to take action and truly believe in our capabilities. He pushes us to be better.