moment of clarity.

After spending most of my day gathering information on various topics, listening to an almost 2-hour long webinar on launching a business online, and refreshing Facebook and Twitter every 5 seconds, I felt paralyzed.  Trapped in my mind were so many different thoughts, ideas, possible opportunities, and it was overwhelming.  

Not being able to really pinpoint my frustrations, I couldn't talk to a family member or anyone else close to me because I couldn't express what I wanted to say.  Trying to nap it off, didn't work.  Writing ideas down, didn't work.  Drinking tea, didn't work.  All the things that usually help me clear my mind, didn't work.  I was going crazy.

The frustrations of being an introvert (specifically an INFP) were eating at me and I needed an outlet to vent.   

At 10pm, I decided to workout.  The gym I'm a member of gives me access 24/7, and considering it was so late in the evening, I had a hunch that no one else would be there.  Just me, the weights and my music.  In the span of about an hour, I was able to shift my focus solely on the workout, and I felt euphoric.  

The bar was my therapy, and that's all I needed to clear my mind.