chip away.

The green in an aurora is created by oxygen in high altitudes.  This level of atmosphere can seem overwhelming at first.

Breathe. - Ishmael Islam

I’ve experienced more emotions that consist of everything from doubt to confusion to excitement to sadness in the span of one week, than I have ever experienced in my life.

I’ll spare the details since it’s all relative now, but just going through these experiences that give you these feelings can send you in a spiraling downfall that can crush your spirit at any given moment.

In order to avoid this, or at least position yourself so it doesn’t happen as fast, take ownership in finding out a way to get back up and moving, even if you don’t know the direction you’re supposed to be going in.  Take time for yourself, away from distractions, to allow these emotions and thoughts to stabilize.

Not everything is what it seems, yet there are signs and clues to see this picture clearer.  Being able to confront a situation that’s scary and uncomfortable when all you feel is hurt, is relieving – even if it’s temporary – but it builds courage each time you step up and face these fears.  The point is to be able to withstand these obstacles, taking them head on, and chip away at each uncomfortable stage to be able to set up a foundation that is more stable for you to continue your journey.

It's never easy, but at least it's progress.