be direct.

How you feel internally is never translated to how you want others to interpret you.  Be direct, upfront and confident.

Spending a week learning the ins and outs in a new industry, and understanding that in order to be successful, I have to find the underlying motivator for why people have spent hundreds of dollars to work out and thousands to invest in a personal trainer…is what matters.

Asking the right questions, having the person express what their expectations and goals are – with a hard deadline – is the foundation to help them achieve their success.

This translates not only in the fitness & health industry, but also in life in general.  In order to build (and have) a stable relationship – whether it is with a significant other, your boss, your teacher, your friend, etc. – you have to be able to connect with them on an emotional level by asking specific questions to state what their expectations are.  Nothing is ever determined based on assumptions, nor is anything solidified based on misleading information. 

Be truthful in your statements.  Be honest with your words and actions.  Nothing is or will ever be understood based on assumptions.  

I won’t have a successful business if my clients don’t trust me based on me giving them vague outlines without any plan.  I have to be direct, upfront and definitive with my words and actions so that we both can achieve our goals.

It goes deeper than just asking questions.  It’s asking the right questions.  Digging into their psyche -  asking the why's/how's/what's -  to get a vivid picture of what they want to accomplish and having them commit to action in XYZ time frame leads to the success of said person. 

Not asking the right questions can lead to being misunderstood, misread and ultimately lost in direction.   Getting back on course requires effective communication, and more specific outlines to achieve continuous progression.

This process involves being truthful, confident and concise with your actions and words, so they don’t become misleading.  Say what you mean and mean what you say. Ask direct questions that invoke an emotion.  This is the only way to be fully understood for both parties to reach a common ground and to ultimately build a solid relationship. 

Not being honest with yourself, or truthful in your words may not necessarily affect your intended audience immediately, but in due time, it will catch up to you more often than not – when it’s already too late.