but, what if it works?

These are the first five words that are written in my journal.  It's always exciting to start fresh, and it can be scary, but only if you let it. Ways to shift your mindset from scary to "I got this":

Prep.  Whatever you plan on doing for the day, week, month or next 90 days, prep for it.  I started writing down my ideas, formulating plans to make those ideas actually come to life, and took action each day towards them.  Ordering the passion planner helped with this process.

Like most of you, I intentionally started a resolution on January 1st to commit to writing every single day for at least 15 minutes.  This is something that I've committed to, with the exception of one day where I can't remember why I didn't write.  I didn't beat myself up because of this, but I did acknowledge that I missed a day, and kept writing anyways.

Keep it simple. Create a mantra or something you can repeat that's positive and will move you towards your goal.  "But, what if it works?" Is a simple way to keep this momentum going - to keep whatever you set your mind to to actually come to life.

One of my favorite podcasts that nails the effectiveness of simplicity is this.  Don't over complicate, over analyze or over think what you're doing.  Progress is made in small steps.

Move. Move your thoughts to paper.  Move your body. Stop complaining that you're too tired, or too cold or too [any other excuse] that prevents you from being the best version of you.  You just have to make a choice and go out and do it.

The absolute worst thing that can happen is that what you decide doesn't work and you have to try again. You'll still survive and at least have a story to tell.