young girls, dream on.

To the girl who says her vision is too optimistic. To the girl who crumbles up her dreams.

To the girl who doesn’t know what to write.

To the girl who’s peaking at her neighbor’s paper.

To the girl who wants to fit in.

To the girl who wants to stand out.

To the girl that feels lost.

To the girl who’s parents said no

…to writing down your dreams.

To the girl who couldn’t find a ride.

To the girl who was forced to be here.

To the girl who’s scared of what’s to come.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to not have a clue what to do. Just remember, try to listen to your heart & not your ego. Follow how you want to feel – whatever that may be: happy, free, energetic, surrounded by joy.

But always, always remember, it’s never too late to follow your wildest dreams, whatever they may be.