why am I here - #ruckusmakerschallenge day 3

The Ruckusmakers consisted of  observers, listeners and speakers from all over the world in very diverse fields.  From marketing directors, to entrepreneurs, freelancers and CEOs every single person in attendance was here to speak up. We received shirts with all the names of Ruckusmakers - people from Charles Darwin to Rosa Parks, to the volunteers that helped to make this seminar run smoothly. Everyone listed on the back of the shirt stood up for something in their life and initiated a conversation, and ultimately chose themselves to be the ones to speak up for what they’re passionate about, especially if their idea isn’t well received because it was “different.” The point of me being at the seminar wasn’t for me to learn about Seth. I could read all of his books and blogs to understand what he thinks. The point of me being here was to start a conversation and connect. To surround myself with people who are like me who encourage and push me away from my comfort zone.

While Seth was feeding us gems related to marketing, music, fear and everything in between, I had questions in my head that I didn’t know how to articulate. Why am I here if I’m not going to speak up? That’s the entire message – to push through your fear of being afraid and not being understood. The irony of this is that I was afraid to ask. The thoughts that were going through my mind, others asked and questioned.

When they asked questions related to the topics at hand and their fears, I noticed the incredible outpouring of feedback from others and the push back from Seth, to help clarify everything. The beauty of speaking up is that there would be no other absolute opportune time to receive this instant feedback and connection. Two factors that play a major role in growth and progress.

Once I noticed this, I forgave myself for being afraid, and spoke up.