I'll get you a new one

Cleaning out my drafts, and came across this post dated from July 2016.

Wednesday 7.6.16 22:15

A Black man was shot and killed by a cop on camera yesterday in Baton Rouge - another, on camera - streamed on Facebook Live, which was filmed by the girlfriend of the now deceased young man. I haven't (nor do I want to) watched the videos. I know what happens.

I can't tell if I'm desensitized or just haven't felt the anger yet. I'm terrified for my friends and family. Not just from the cops, but from what happens when you try to process what actions to take next.

There are millions of people suffering all over the world. How do you cope? How do you make sure if someone is getting the help they need?  All of my friends and their friends, people who suffer from depression, people who have contemplated and attempted suicide...

I think about the people who don't even see the injustice. What can I do to help? I can't ignore this. I can't pretend as if this never will happen again.

I'm not angry. I don't know if I ever have been. Just in a constant state of sadness. I'm scared for my brother and Emmett (4 years old) and Chloe (10 months). I'm scared for them for living in Phoenix, Arizona, a state with an open carry law.

When do you teach kids about guns and racism?

My soul hurts. My heart hurts.

The other day I was having a discussion with a friend on this very topic - when do you bring up racism, race and the crazy world we live in - to kids? I posed this question to my brother and he replied with anytime, followed by this:

I imagine my nephew saying this to his mom while skipping away - brushing off the complexity of politics - by just replacing DT as if he were one of his broken toys.

If it were only that easy.