Industries of the Future

A Bookmark to Remember

I started reading Industries of the Future by Alec Ross, a book that I'm borrowing from my local library. I first heard about Alec while attending TEDxBaltimore in 2016. He was one of the presenters and struck me as a knowledgeable person as he navigated his way talking about growing up in West Virginia, being a former Baltimore City Public School educator, working with Hillary Clinton... and yes, talking about the industries of the future.

After reading through the introduction, a bookmark casually fell out from the middle of the pages and it read "Wild By Nature."

The juxtaposition and irony of this bookmark and the title of said book aren't lost on me. Whoever borrowed this book also seems curious about the world we live in, and where we're headed as we're shifting to a more connected society in every sense of the word. But I was pleasantly surprised to look up the website printed on the bookmark:

From the 'About Us' page:

"For Henry H. Holdsworth wildlife photography embodies much more than taking pictures of animals. It's about gaining insight through interaction with other living creatures. It's about the challenge of capturing behavior, color, composition and light in that one perfect moment that brings life to the subject. The sheer beauty of the images is important, but the true heart of Henry's photography is focused on bringing about a greater appreciation of nature and its preservation."

I haven't even read the first chapter of the book, and yet the introduction paints a clear picture of not only the obvious - what to expect as I read through - but how important it is to capture and research this current moment in time from every corner of the world, in order to prepare ourselves for what's to come.

There are some lessons to be learned here somewhere. For starters, head over to your local library. You never know what you'll end up stumbling across.