ease into it

We're one month into 2017. It's okay if your New Year's resolutions have already dwindled down. The fun part about this whole thing called life is that you can begin again, you can direct the path of your next step and without getting into the woo-woo Jesus and universe stuff, you are the pilot. I had zero desire to make any resolutions on January 1st. I rang in the new year on a rooftop watching fireworks, with a glass of champagne and a cigar. The best part about this night was that it wasn't planned weeks in advance.  In fact, it was planned two days prior.

This scenario is pretty much how my life goes. Open to adventure and spontaneity, especially when it's mixed with the feeling of "oh, this feels right" and "wtf am I doing."

Although I wasn't plugged into my timeline on Jan. 1, I watched the posts go up in the subsequent days after: "2017 is my year!" "Back in the gym, let's get it!" "New year new me" "Backpacking through Europe by the end of the Summer #goals"

Meanwhile, I was casually doing what I normally do. Meditate, move my body, begin again with a fresh slate.

[Full disclosure - there's nothing wrong with setting goals. What I want to iterate is that in my experience, goals are accomplished when they're influenced by a feeling that I want to have throughout the process]

I think what people get caught up most around is the feeling of instant pleasure, instant gratification and a sense of "I need to be doing something at all times to feel fulfilled and accomplished." I've had this mindset before, and it tore me apart after a few months of not feeling fulfilled. So, I decided to let go of this narrative.

It's okay to slow down. It's okay to take your time and map out your next steps. It's okay to ease into each scenario you face.

So as long as whatever decision you make coincides with the feeling(s) you want to be conscious of along the way.