show up and do work.

“The song we’re composing already exists in potential. Our work is to find it.” – Steven Pressfield

In the moments where I am thinking of all the reasons I shouldn’t go or do something, I muster up the energy and courage to actually venture out and explore why I’m resisting this thing in the first place.

It’s the moments when I show up before the sun rises to work out, the moments when I step into a new box and butterflies fly throughout my body, and the moments when I go with my gut and explore a place I’ve never been, that come out to be some of the most fulfilling and gratifying experiences.

Every time I feel this type of resistance, the “why am I doing this” mindset,  it pushes me to actually dive into this feeling.  Each time I explore this weird and often awkward and uncomfortable sensation, I come out feeling better than ever.

Showing up in places like this has more often than not, led me in a direction of progress. I connect with people whom I’d never imagine, and just by telling a little piece of my story opens up the door for opportunities.

Showing up means widening your network.  It means using this chance to express who you are, to share the best part of you in the most organic fashion without expecting anything in return.  It means fighting the resistance to see what you’re actually capable of doing.

I have yet to encounter an experience where I regretted not being a part of.  This isn’t to say that every occurrence is something that will be life changing or truly remarkable, but each one has value.  Whether it brings my weaknesses to surface or exemplifies my strengths, there is no wrong doing when I show up and do work.