Prior to purchasing my own domain, I had a site titled balancing reflections.  When I first purchased my DSLR I was living in Miami with Biscayne Bay literally as my backyard.  I would wake up to catch the sunrise on my balcony, snap photos, play around with the settings and would get some incredible shots of the sky reflecting in the bay. Searching for pictures during this time period left me nostalgic, yet I am glad I was able to capture these moments. I’m filled with gratitude for the experiences I have been able to go through, and the pictures that I’ve taken are a true reflection of how I see the world, which as it turns out, how I see myself. There is beauty in every experience, even if at times it may feel rocky or unsettling.

This picture below is of me standing on the edge of Gorée Island in the West African country of Senegal.  The history of this island in itself is not pleasing at all.  Thousands of men, women and children were held captive and later sent off to various parts of the Caribbean and the U.S. as slaves, where they would never return home.

Reflection on Rocks

As I toured the island in November 2012, I was filled with so many emotions.  I cried at times, laughed more and really tried to grasp and appreciate everything that was going on at that moment.  When I stood on the top of these rocks, I reminded myself that in the midst of the pain and torture that happened a few hundred years prior on this very island, I am standing and overlooking a beautiful landscape.

Remembering the stories of those who sacrificed their lives for us, appreciating every single breath I took, every wave that came crashing into the rocks, appreciating the opportunity to reflect on life.