play it safe for once.

Do I give up the challenge and go for an easy way out? Do I lean towards something that provides security and a safety net? Do I follow the path where there’s a plan already laid out for me, or do I continue on the path of the unknown? I’m in another unique point in my life where I’m at the fork in the road.  One path looks clear, simple and safe while the other is covered with webs and looks too treacherous to step towards.  I can continue to push myself and walk through this unknown territory, weaving my way through a complex web of uncertainty or take the easy way out, so to speak.

So I ask myself, what do I need right now?  Stability, income, routine, structure. The idea of knowing what’s important and needed immediately can help with my next step towards progress. Going over the edge without a clear idea of what’s needed in the present moment can be destructive to obtaining a goal.  It sometimes feels like I’m falling and am trying to grab on to whatever feels right and looks good at the time, but once I grab on, it’s still not pulling me up to safety.

Of course the more I lean in towards a challenge, the more I grow and learn about myself.  There are a million (didn’t count) quotes and articles on this very topic of living out of your comfort zone and lately, I’ve been hesitant to play it safe.  It’s fun not to conform, to dance on the edge a bit, but maybe at this point in time I just need to go back to what’s familiar.  To regroup, recharge and get back in the flow of things.  Maybe instead of constantly throwing myself over this cliff, it’s time to just hang out right alongside the rim…to be safe (for now).