Current status: on the Bolt Bus en route to NYC.  To live.  Like, live live. W t f. I could shuffle through my journal and find an entry that is very similar to what I’m writing now.  I spent about ten years living in Miami, and decided I needed a change (Which reminds me that I still need to finish writing about living/working in Miami).

Six months ago I was on a train leaving Florida heading to Maryland, writing away.  I had all the curiosities and wonders of the world:  “What is it going to be like in a month? A few months? A year? Where will I be working?  Where am I going to live in New York? Omg Brooklyn, I can’t wait!” but no plan really.

I was bold and ambitious and was ready for anything.  Shit, I traveled.  Like for real traveled.  Africa & South America type traveled.  Sitting here thinking that I actually did that is bananas.  The decision to head to Africa/Senegal was talked about earlier in 2012 with some friends, and South America/Argentina was completely spur of the moment. Completely normal, I know.  Both trips however, helped shift my focus on what I want to do in this next chapter of my life.

My (somewhat drastic) decisions to do something different, by changing the course of my direction, led me to where I am now.  Having the idea and desire to do something completely insane by taking trips out of the country on a whim - something that made me a bit nervous at first, drove me closer to what I wanted.

I’m just as excited and nervous as I was seven months ago, but now I’m more focused on what I want to do.  I have a plan.  The thoughts I had months ago are being put into action, and I feel like this is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

Hellllllo, New York :)