There was a period where I didn’t step into a CrossFit box to train for weeks on end.  After experiencing one of the most humbling workouts training at Equinox (TRX to be specific) I knew there were major issues that I needed to fix prior to lifting any type of weight again.  I had issues that I didn’t even know were a big deal until I tried working out using just my body weight. I thought it was normal to hear a click in my hips as I did mountain climbers.  I thought my left heel would never touch the ground when I did a squat due to a high-school soccer injury that I never took care of.  Holding a plank position, I thought it was normal to feel a slight burning sensation in my lower back.  That means it’s getting stronger right?! Smh.  It wasn’t until I read stories and was educated on proper technique and form that I knew pain and not being mobile isn’t normal or good. So, I started paying attention to my movements.  I started paying attention to any pains or sensations that I felt while doing basic, functional movements and researched how to fix each issue.  Pain that is ongoing is never a good thing.  Soreness, yes, but never pain.  The three areas that I needed to focus the most on were my t-spine, ankle and hip mobility.

Focusing on these areas using foam roll techniques, exercising using just my own body weight and spending about 10 minutes each day on mobilizing these areas using a lacrosse ball (which I have a love/hate relationship with), has improved my form tremendously.  Taking supplements that help with joint mobility and inflammation (glucosamine and omega-3) has shown a significant improvement in the way I move on a daily basis.

Being fit to me doesn’t just mean being able to look big, or lean or any other type of physical attribute for aesthetic reasons.  To me, being fit means being able to perform everyday functions without feeling any pain.  It means being able to catch an NYC train without running out of breath or pulling a muscle as you’re cleaning up things around the house.  Performance over aesthetics, all day.

My go to resources on mobility: -       Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD Videos -       Practicing Vinyasa yoga -       Exercises to do especially if you sit all day long