let go of your crutch.

“I know the modern world would look strange to him… there ain’t nothin’ to be afraid of… marvelous, (Marvin)” – Mos Def

"You need me" isn’t a new declaration, but it’s something that I haven’t heard directed, specifically to me, in well…ever.

It took me a minute to gather my thoughts when someone told me this for the first time because 1. I realized that it’s kind of true and 2. I’ve never been on the receiving end of this statement before.

During my tenure at my previous job, I’ve always felt that people needed me to conduct their job.  I felt that they depended on me, and this is one of the reasons why it was difficult for me to resign.  I was afraid to leave because I felt that I was a crutch for these people.  If I left, it meant that they would no longer know what to do; they would no longer know whom to lean on.

Now hearing, “you need me...” I add in "...until it's time to move on."  I know not to depend on anyone but myself, but as I've gone through transitions in my life I've learned that it’s okay to have someone to guide you.  I also know that I should lean on just enough to listen to the point that it resonates and allows me to reach (and see) my potential, and not to rely solely on this person.

For reasons that I probably will never be able to describe into detail, the basis of this statement has a deeper meaning.  A lot of people get stuck in this mindset that they are confined to what people give them.  People are so dependent on a safe job, a safe school, loans, steady income, benefits etc. that it’s hard for them to make a decision on why to leave this security, this crutch that they rely on so much. I get it.

It’s somewhat of a catch-22.  It’s comfortable to have someone or something to fall back on, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be your go-to source for personal improvement or development.  You’ll never get anywhere if you depend on a crutch.  Digging deep into who you are, on your own – by learning from your trials and tribulations – will allow yourself to achieve and do great things. You’ll be able to inspire others to realize  and do what they’ve always been capable of, on their own.