lean in.

There's something liberating about diving into what's uncomfortable. More often than not, I find myself pushing my limits just to see what I feel at the moment when: 1. I have to make a tough decision or 2. do something that I've never done before.

Sometimes I hesitate and stroll back to what's comfortable (and safe), but what I've noticed is that when I stay in this "comfortable" place I get stressed, anxious and irritated, and I have this feeling of being unfulfilled. In these moments are when I lean. I lean forward, over the ledge, into this weird, awkward, uncomfortable place - something that is completely foreign to me - because I've learned that each time I lean, I gain a sense of self-accomplishment and confidence that I didn't know existed beforehand.

This experience of stepping into the unknown is enticing, addicting and pleasurable, and every time I experience this, I learn something about myself.

Doing the unthinkable, having awkward and uncomfortable conversations, trying something for the first time - are all characteristics of leaning in.

I encourage you to try it, especially when it feels strange.