just be.

More often than not, when I'm with friends, the topic of conversation that always comes up is the concept (or state) of being. Being at peace.  Being in the moment (and staying there). So many things can appear when you're in this state of mind - this constant appreciation for what is around you, and what you have.  For me, this is when I'm most comfortable.

Imagine an entire culture with this mindset. A culture that values things for what they are, a culture that appreciates now, a culture that is entirely dedicated to showcasing who they are. Through their foods, their art, their music - and being able to share that with others.  From what I've experienced, this is what Buenos Aires is in my eyes.

No one seems to be in a rush, yet the streets are full of life.  From the parents waiting for their kids alongside the school walls to the couples on every other corner displaying their love for one another, there is commonality among everyone.  They are truly loving the moment - and it's contagious.