getting unstuck.

Paralyzed. Not in the literal sense of being unable to move, but I woke up feeling stuck.  "Inspiration is everywhere" is something that I pinned to my vision board last week and I'm always amazed with how much beautiful (and not so beautiful) stories, people and things are in this world that inspire me.

Being receptive and aware of this is a blessing, as some people find it hard to sense what inspires them.  For me, this morning I woke up with a fear of not knowing what to do next.  With a surplus of new friendships and relationships I've been granted, I got easily lost in what others were up to which sidetracked me from what I set out to do in the first place.

Avoiding the thoughts about what I need to do to keep my project going,  I gravitated to wanting to help others, because that's the easy thing to do.  Generous by default.

Losing focus even temporarily felt paralyzing.  Coming to grips with what I know to be true, to be helpful and to dig myself out requires me to ask for the help and support that I need to stay on track.

I'm not in this alone, and neither are you.