Foods to Help Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Do you have high cholesterol? Are you having a tough time figuring out what to eat? Not sure where to begin when you walk into the grocery store? If so, here are some tips for you :)

Genes and gender play a role that can contribute to the development of heart disease or stroke.  However, what we eat (and how often we exercise) plays an important factor as well.

We can control what we eat.

-        Avoid fatty cuts of beef, pork & lamb.  Choose lean meats, or substitute with fish or skinless white-meat poultry. I recommend grass fed or organic meats.

-        Stick to fresh and locally grown produce

-        Shop on the perimeter of your local grocery store

-        Avoid processed foods / food packaged in boxes or cans

Focus on eating food with a low glycemic index, those that are high in fiber and are omega-3 rich.

Foods with low a glycemic index: - Granny Smith apples - Bananas (the greener they are, the lower the glycemic index) - Eggs (preferably cage free) - Lentils - Yogurt (plain) - Nuts & seeds

Foods that are high in fiber: - Carrots - Beets - Broccoli - Spinach - Sweet potatoes - Beans (lima, garbanzo, kidney) - Brown rice

Foods that are rich in omega-3s: - Salmon - Walnuts - Flax seeds - Kale - Strawberries


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