create value. be specific.

As I'm beginning to gain more clients and train and coach more people, I'm understanding how important it is to specialize. The process of researching different techniques, movements, corrective exercises, etc. for each person is creating the pathway for me to become an expert in every aspect of the fitness & health industry.  It also showcases the commonality between my clients and I.  We all want to achieve greatness, we all want to continue to learn new things, we all want to succeed.

For them it's by investing their time, effort and money into me, the expert; and for me, it's by investing my time and effort in doing the research geared specifically to each client.  If a program designed for them is too vague, they won't see the value in investing in me.  Having a template that breaks down reasons why this program will work for them enables the connection of why they should do the work (workout, spend $, time, etc.) in order to reach their goal.

I see the value in connection.  I see the value in building rapport.  It's the constant pursuit of connecting with each person I interact with that helps me stay motivated and on top of my game.