plant the seed and live forward

Former colleagues turned friends recently launched a lifestyle brand called Arrow that focuses on creating detailed and meaningful experiences to the community they serve. What’s inspiring about Dani and Gabrielle’s initiative is that they broke through “the norm” of working for others to work with others - on their own terms. This morning they hosted the first networking event of a three-part series that focuses on health, personal and career development through connection and education. With over 20 women in attendance, we each had an opportunity to meet others in the health and wellness space.

What they’re doing isn’t entirely out of the box, but what’s important to note is that they’re actually doing the things they’ve always said they wanted to do.

They let go of the fear of starting and creating something that has yet to exist and did the damn thing. The important thing to note here is that the women who were breaking bread together were meant to meet each other. From there, we’re all able to connect and support each other on whichever ventures we want to take on.

start somewhere

I take pride knowing that I am someone that others seek for information and questions about self-care, spirituality, and most recently, yoga. When articles pop up that seem out of the ordinary like cat yoga, goat yoga or trap yoga, I usually get a few messages asking for my thoughts on this new trend.

What I typically say is that as long as people are moving their bodies, by all means, label the class however you feel.

Meeting people where they are and what they're attracted to seems like the best way to introduce a newbie to the benefits of a spiritual practice.